Top 6 Motorcycle Associated Graphic Art & Design

Customization is a word that generates various settings. Some are half wrong. Actually the word is employed customization towards personalization, adaptation, it is motorcycle art. Thus, adapting something is customize according to taste or need of someone; changing something to do with that better serves the requirements of a person. Customization can be understood as adaptation to the customer’s taste and means to transform a piece to leave it fresh and unique.


Putting common accessories on the bike is not a pure concept in customization. They are small customizations where you can be out on a bike and see another running with the same accessories, which is frustrating. Bobber, chopper or classic, it does not matter. What matters is that it is to your face or at least different from all.

1 and 2 Choppers or helicopters have specific design and construction

To make it clear what each thing, a bobber is a custom motorcycle that had the rear mud to “cut off” (made smaller) and in general, the change removes all “superfluous” to take the weight parts.see the website to get info.

Is already a chopper is a type of motorcycle that was created or modified from an original motorcycle or built from scratch to have a unique and handcrafted appearance. Some of the characteristic features of the choppers are elongated or stretched chassis, the front long and often with great angulation, hardtail frame (no rear suspension), larger rear wheels to the front wheels, handlebars “ape hanger” very high or “horn ox “wide and curved or low and very short” straight bars “for less drag in the wind. There is also the “sissy bar” (St.

Anthony), which is a backrest for the pillion that rises from the pillion seat and sometimes are extended to proper height. These are features that characterize the signature of a creator choppers.

Choppers are typically peeled, because many parts have been modified to be smaller, or removed completely. Is usually removed the front fender, turn signals, one or more mirrors, speedometer and indicators, electric start, battery and other parts.

3 pay attention to your personality, it does matter a lot.

If you are a Harley Davidson fan than you should invest on Harley davidson art and not anything else, after all your taste matters the most. To understand what would be a project of customization is important to pay attention to a few essential points. The first is the personality of the owner of the bike. That says it all, because we know if the bike will have many or few chrome, it will be dull or monochromatic, more chopper bobber or more, or if it will be a classic or old school.

4 Take the weight into consideration as well otherwise you can maim your bike forever.

Another important factor is the weight of both the owner and the bike. Customization increases the weight of the bike absurdly ends up hurting not only the performance, but the life of the equipment becoming very expensive to maintain.

5 getting started – drawing and project

The customization starts with a drawing. This design is approved in advance by the client that will guide all the work. Another important and little noted fact is if the bike is used for travel. Autonomy should be proportional to comfort. Motorcycle hard bench should cater to every 150 km maximum. Similarly the custom choppers and known as “dry armpits” should also have the same autonomy. Bikes that will run only in the city and are for display does not need long runtime and then the tank can be much smaller. The suspension is another thing to consider, especially in our Brazil that is loaded from bumps and turtles of all sizes.

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6 – the bottom line and final details.

It is important to separate what is customization from motorcycle custom. The bike is completely custom made, with the exception of the engine. The chassis is built from scratch and not used as with most customizations. Therefore, it will order a whole new bike, remember to check the chassis and the quality of work in the formation of rake angles, neck and welds.view more customized bike at this link.

Angle of rake or castor angle is the angular displacement of the vertical axis of wheel suspension in a motorcycle or any other vehicle, measured in the longitudinal direction. Car racers sometimes adjust the rake angle to optimize the handling characteristics of the vehicle in case of custom or sportier driving. The same goes for bikes and that is what will determine whether it is better to walk in curves or straight lines.

We can conclude that customizing is much more of motorcycle artthan anything else.

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