This Is How Music Can Change Your Brain

Many people are passionate about arts so I am. But we don’t know the effects of it how it change our mind and mood. Here are some interesting ways of knowing how our mind and body react when hear the sound of an instrument or a song.

Playing of musical instrument is good for brain

We just assume that playing an instrument will be useful for us but we really don’t know the real benefits of it.This is scientifically proven that those kids or students who took part actively in the learning process of musicalinstruments having good academic result. The reason is that our mind responds in a better way. We can able to hear the sounds and process them in a good way which we can’t do without this activity. But this doesn’t mean that you just have to sit in the class of music, you have to take part in it.A recent study of the Northwestern University has cleared this that those students are more active and sharp who took part in these classes actively. Those who just sit in these classes can’t take the proper benefit of this. Children who are a trained musical instrument player are very good in examining the visual information. Either it is the matter of similarities or dissimilarities in the patters or shapes these children are too good in it. Check here!

Choice of melody or song envisage our personality and mentality


Many people are not aware that their choice of melody has great effect on their personality. This has been found by a researcher at the famous university, the Heriot-Watt University. The researcher came to know that choice of music art is strongly linked with the personality attribute. This shows that musical styles are actually connect with our personality.  Here are some of the connections which the researcher found between different musical styles and personalities of persons . Find out more in this site :

  • Jazz lovers are always at ease and they are outgoing as well
  • Classical lovers are introvert, creative and they have high self-esteem
  • Rock lovers are creative but they are not hard working. They have low self-esteem and they are not outgoing as well.
  • Bollywood lovers are outgoing and creative
  • Rap loversare outgoing and have self-esteem

Song plays an important role in diverting our brain attention during exercise

When we are busy in doing workout our body feel the pain of it. Our brain is stuck in that pain. The only way to avoid this pain of the workout or exercise is listening song. Music is the only thing through which we can utilize our energy in the right way and we are in a position to control our brain attention. A study of 2012 has shown that those cyclists who listen to melody require less oxygen then those who don’t listen to songs while cycling.

So the conclusion of all this is that melodious tunes add charm and an x-factor in our personality. It is good to hear songs as they have good effects on our mind and body. Well said by Friedrich Nietzsche: Without arts, life would be a mistake.

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